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Accelerated Orthodontics with Invisalign


Straightening teeth takes time. Besides, the longer your braces are on, the higher likelihood your teeth have of decalcification, gingival recession, and root resorption. This is where the idea of accelerated orthodontics comes into play. Instead of going through treatment for the traditional amount of time, accelerated orthodontics gets the job done much faster. But [...]

Accelerated Orthodontics with Invisalign2020-04-13T15:58:28+00:00

Can I Get Braces with Periodontitis?


It's only natural to worry about the look of your teeth. After all, they're front and center when you talk, laugh, and smile. A lot of thought goes into orthodontic treatment, such as what style of braces to get, and the like. But there is one prevalent question that needs to be answered in regards [...]

Can I Get Braces with Periodontitis?2020-04-09T15:15:12+00:00

Cleaning Tips for Braces


With braces, it is more important than ever to keep your teeth and gums their healthiest. Braces and other orthodontic appliances create more opportunities for food particles and bacteria to collect and thrive. Getting braces requires adopting a new oral hygiene routine and good habits that promote the healthiest environment for your teeth and gums. [...]

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Braces and Cavities: Great Oral Hygiene and Prevention


Many people who wear braces, both adults and children, tend to forget about general oral hygiene. It's harder to brush your teeth, as a large portion of them are covered with metal. Then, there are the rubber bands, the tightening wires, and other wires that make it even more difficult to brush, floss, and keep [...]

Braces and Cavities: Great Oral Hygiene and Prevention2020-04-01T15:05:31+00:00

Today’s Adult Has the Option of Invisalign Clear Aligners


Today, many adults would love to straighten their teeth but feel they are too old for treatment. Yet, their teeth make them feel uncomfortable and self-conscious. Invisalign clear aligners for adults are a welcome orthodontic treatment when it comes to straightening teeth. Unlike the stigma of wearing braces in some adults, adult Invisalign clear aligners [...]

Today’s Adult Has the Option of Invisalign Clear Aligners2020-04-01T15:08:55+00:00

5 Practical Invisalign Hacks


Compared to going through treatment with traditional metal braces, most teens would agree that Invisalign treatment is a cakewalk! After all, you don't have to wear any permanent hardware, nor do you have to worry about the self-consciousness that comes with sporting a "metal mouth!" Still, any orthodontic treatment that involves moving and repositioning your [...]

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October is National Orthodontic Health Month


October is National Orthodontic Health Month! During October, orthodontists around the country work to promote awareness about the benefits of orthodontic treatment and celebrate the far-reaching advantages of a healthy smile. If you're looking to improve your child's (or your own!) oral health game, it isn't enough to simply hide the Halloween candy this month. [...]

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Why Choose An Orthodontist?


Have you been considering straightening your teeth to improve your smile? Deciding where to go to straighten your teeth, how to pay for it, and what type of braces to choose can seem endless. In recent years, many general and pediatric dentists have begun offering orthodontic treatment in addition to their other services, which makes [...]

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Traditional Braces vs Invisalign: Which is Better?


So the dentist says it's time for your child to get braces, or maybe you've decided to improve your own smile. Either way, investing in orthodontic work is a big decision and a big investment, so only natural for the "braces vs Invisalign" question to to come up. Orthodontic treatment options have come a long [...]

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