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The Invisalign Process Explained


Are you considering Invisalign clear aligners? As an alternative to traditional braces, Invisalign is becoming increasingly popular with adults and teens.  Invisalign is a clear, custom-made aligner, used to move and align teeth for better health and a great smile. It is changed approximately every two weeks for about six to 18 months, depending upon [...]

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Gardner Orthodontics Wins Best Of Virginia Again!


Gardner Orthodontics, Dr. Graham Gardner and Dr. Katie Doswell are proud to announce that they have won first place in the orthodontics category in the Best of Virginia 2019 by Virginia Living Magazine! For the past 8 years, Virginia Living Magazine has polled readers for their favorites among business, local establishments and medical providers. Gardner [...]

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Remember To Wear Your Retainer!


Why It's Important to Wear Your Retainer After wearing braces, it takes time for your bones to harden around the teeth in their new position. During this time, they're at risk of shifting right back to their original positions. The retainer prevents them from doing this. Not wearing the retainer is like leaving a gate [...]

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Dr. Gardner Wins Top 10 In National Invisalign Competition


Gardner Orthodontics is pleased and proud to announce that Dr. Graham Gardner has been nationally recognized for his outstanding work with Invisalign in a national Invisalign competition. Dr. Gardner won this recognition during the national Invisalign Complex Case Shoot Out, which takes place annually during the Invisalign Ortho Summit. The Summit is an annual training [...]

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Top 3 Benefits of Invisalign Treatment for Athletes


For student athletes looking to straighten their teeth and improve the overall appearance of their smile, Invisalign can be a great option. Specifically, the Invisalign system works by using a series of clear, plastic aligners to gradually straighten and re-position the teeth over time. Invisalign can be used to treat just about any orthodontic issue [...]

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Adults And Braces


It used to be that when we'd think about braces, the image that came to mind was that of a "tween,” but in recent decades, that image has become somewhat outdated. That's because these days nearly as many adults as kids are spending time in the orthodontist's chair. In fact, according to the American Association [...]

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Give Yourself a New Smile in the New Year


We've said goodbye to the year 2018 and welcomed 365 brand new days—fresh opportunities for growth, success, and happiness. In 2019, don't let anything hold you back from achieving your dreams, especially not your less-than-perfect smile. Gardner Orthodontics knows that making the decision to have a healthy smile is a great start to the new [...]

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Gardner Orthodontics Achieves An Invisalign Milestone!


Gardner Orthodontics is proud to announce that Dr. Gardner has officially treated over 2700 Invisalign cases and reached an Invisalign milestone! The Invisalign® clear aligner system is designed to be a discreet, nearly invisible option for tooth alignment.  The Invisalign option allows patients to gain the benefits of orthodontic treatment without having to wear conspicuous [...]

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Dr. Gardner Receives Best Bedside Manner Award


Please join us in congratulating Dr. Gardner for being honored with an award for  “Best Bedside Manner” from OurHealth Richmond Magazine! For the past 6 years, OurHealth Richmond has polled the public for local medical providers that have the best bedside manner, and Gardner Orthodontics has been recognized in the Orthodontics category. The Best Bedside [...]

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