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Your First Visit

We are very excited to meet you! The first visit is very easy and comfortable. So…

What happens during a consultation?

This is one of the most commonly asked questions, and we are here to assure you that your first visit with us will be fun and exciting! During your consultation, we would like to take a series of records to help our doctors develop a comprehensive treatment plan just for you.

We take 16 photos of your teeth because:

  • They provide a baseline to help us follow your growth
  • They help show us different angles of how your teeth are positioned in relationship to your face
  • They are used to communicate our comprehensive treatment plan to your general dentist 
This is a very helpful x-ray. It shows our doctors the health of your teeth and bones. It also shows how permanent teeth are coming in behind baby teeth. We use digital radiology which uses minimal radiation and we try to minimize x-rays whenever possible.
This x-ray is really amazing because it provides our doctors with a view of your skull. They can then study how your bones relate to each other and how you are growing. They can relate your skeletal balance to your facial balance.

Reminders for your first visit

  • There is no charge for your consultation appointment
  • This appointment will take approximately 1 hour
  • You can save time by filling out our New Patient Forms at home
  • Bring your dental insurance card

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