Join the Gardner Grins Kid’s Club!


Welcome to the Gardner Grins Kid’s Club! Even if you haven’t officially started your treatment yet, you are already part of our family! This cool club is designed especially for our young patients who are not quite ready for orthodontic treatment.

Kids enjoy office activities, exciting contests and get to experience being a part of the Gardner Orthodontics family. This helps them stay  involved in their treatment, and become enthusiastic about the whole process.

At Gardner Orthodontics, we do everything possible to make your orthodontic experience exciting and fun! If you are not ready to begin orthodontic treatment, you will be invited to join our Kid’s Club.

Gardner Grins Kid’s Club Member Benefits


Make your membership feel official with a membership card and matching lanyard. This card gives you access to all our cool member benefits!

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Let the whole town know you are part of the Gardner Grins Kid’s Club! All our Gardner Grins Kid’s Club members will receive an awesome T-shirt!

1/2 Birthday Card

We want to help you celebrate your birthday – at the six month mark! When your half-birthday rolls around, be on the lookout for a Birthday Card from Gardner Orthodontics! We hope you enjoy your special day!

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We welcome you to the Gardner Grins Kid’s Club with a drawstring bag, filled with lots of goodies to get you excited about orthodontic treatment! We also include some useful information to help get you prepared for your orthodontic treatment. We want our little patients to have fun AND be informed!


Win big at Gardner Orthodontics! We are always planning our next contest, giving you plenty of opportunities to win cool prizes. These contest serve as a fun way to stay involved at Gardner Orthodontics before your treatment begins. Don’t miss this fun chance to win!