Dr. Graham Gardner Richmond orthodontics

Board certified orthodontist, Dr. Graham Gardner, knew he wanted to be an orthodontist in the 7th grade. He even did his 8th grade Science Fair project on Orthodontics! He later studied at Wake Forest, MCV, and NYU, where he worked closely with the cleft palate team on several cases. Dr. Gardner has been voted “Best Orthodontist” in Richmond Magazine, Style Weekly, and Virginia Living and is known for his outstanding working relationships with both his patients and his peers.

  • Dr. Gardner can watch Princess Bride and Deadpool over and over.

  • He hopes neon never comes back in style.

  • If Dr. Gardner received a large inheritance of money, he would buy a motor yacht.

  • He collects dime store soldiers.

  • If given the chance to go back in time to, Dr. Gardner would go back to the 70s – DISCO!!!

  • Dr. Gardner’s favorite season is the fall because it has the best wind, is the most beautiful and is not too hot.

gardner orthodontics Richmond orthodontist

Dr. Katie Doswell was born and raised in Richmond, VA and attended UNC School of Dentistry for dental school, graduating with distinction as an Omicron Kappa Usilon inductee. She received her M.S. in Orthodontics at University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. She and her family love spending time at the Potomac River riding in the boat, tubing, skiing, paddle boarding, jet skiing, and playing KanJam, spike ball, and cornhole.

  • Can watch the Blindside over and over.

  • If Amy could pick one vacation destination she would choose St. Thomas.

  • Her favorite family tradition is taking the children to look at Christmas lights on Christmas Eve before they go to bed.

  • Her first concert was Color Me Bad.

  • Amy’s favorite ice cream is Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough.

  • Amy’s favorite sports team is Duke Blue Devils!

  • She was named after her dad, Robert, and he only had girls.

  • Bobbi can watch Pride & Prejudice as often as it is on TV.

  • Her first concert was David Bowie.

  • Bobbi’s first job was at Miller & Rhodes.

  • Bobbi’s favorite ice cream flavor is Double Chocolate.

  • Her favorite sports team is Golden State Warriors.

  • Michelle’s favorite book is Marley & Me.

  • She can watch Pretty Woman on repeat.

  • Michelle’s favorite season is spring because everything is new again.

  • Favorite family tradition includes all of the family get togethers with friend’s on Christmas Eve.

  • Her first concert was The Go-Go’s!

  • How would she describe herself in three words, “I choose Happy!”

  • Mimi is a night person.

  • If she could travel to any time period it would be when her children were small so she could snuggle them again.

  • Mimi was born in Arizona!

  • The meaning of her name is Pleasantness.

  • Mimi’s favorite season is summer!

  • If stranded on a deserted island, she would like a boat, soap and drinking water.

  • Kareema is a night person.

  • If Kareema could go back and visit any time period, it would be the 90s because of the cool music, movies and fashion.

  • Her favorite movies are A Walk to Remember and Clueless.

  • Her favorite childhood cartoon was SpongeBob!

  • If Kareema could go anywhere on vacation, she would go to Japan.

  • Kareema would be Wonder Woman if she were a Super Hero.

  • Karen’s favorite book is the Bible!

  • If stranded on a deserted island, Karen would want a grill, mosquito net and a cow.

  • Karen has met Stone Cold Steve Austin.

  • If she could eat only one food for a week, it would be cheese.

  • Karen’s favorite Disney movie is Tarzan.

  • Her favorite board game is Monopoly!

  • Victoria’s favorite book is Circle of Friends.

  • Her favorite movies include: Hope Floats, My Best Friends Wedding and 8 Mile.

  • Victoria’s favorite season is fall because…. GO HOKIES!

  • She has met Chase Elliot, Luke Bryan, John Elway, Mike Vick, Jessica Lange, Eva Schokey, Ward Burton and Sissy Spaceck.

  • Her favorite family traditions include family beach vacations and making gingerbread houses with her Grandfather at Christmas.

  • If Victoria received a large inheritance, she would buy a beach house for her family, a plane and all the classes for her husband to get his pilots license.

  • Teresa’s favorite book is The Book Theif.

  • Her favorite movies is When Harry Met Sally.

  • Teresa collects things that say JOY!

  • Her first job was as a waitress.

  • Her pet peeve is trendy catch phrases like “Gotcha” and “Hope you have a good one.”

  • Christina is a morning person!

  • Christina’s name means Follower of Christ.

  • She has a fear of crickets.

  • If Christina had to eat one food over and over again, it would be pizza.

  • Her favorite restaurant in Richmond is Extra Billy’s.

  • Her favorite family tradition is Chinese for Christmas Eve.

  • Christy’s favorite season is fall!

  • If stranded on a deserted island, Christy would like to have a camera, good book and food.

  • Christy’s ultimate vacation would be in Paris!

  • To describe herself in three words, she would choose: sweet, funny and determined.

  • Christy’s favorite Disney movies include: Tangled, Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, and Moana.

  • Christy’s favorite family tradition is decorating the Christmas tree with her children.

  • The TV Show that best describes Ghent’s life is Twilight Zone.

  • Ghent was born in Virginia.

  • His favorite ice cream flavor is Mint Chocolate Chip.

  • Ghent’s favorite childhood cartoon was Scooby Doo!

  • His favorite sports team is the Green Bay Packers!

  • When asked if he has ever won anything, Ghent replied, “His wife, and the lottery!”

  • Heather’s favorite book is Little Women.

  • Heather has met famous people including: The Kardashians, The Bush Family, Michael Jackson, Pamela Anderson, Kacey Musgraves, Christian Louboutin, Diane Von Furstenburg, Michael Jordan, Reese Witherspoon and Kanye West.

  • She was born in California.

  • Heather has won: a prom dress from 17 Magazine, a bike from taco bell, a cruise to Mexico and $200 on a TV show.

  • Heather’s favorite Disney movie is The Little Mermaid.

  • Her favorite cake is Pineapple Upside-down cake or peach pie.

  • If Brandt could go back to any period of time, it would be to the snowstorm of 1996, she loved being a kid.

  • Her favorite cereal is Lucky Charms!

  • She hopes scrunchies never come back in style.

  • Brandt won a spelling bee in 1993.

  • If she could go anywhere on vacation, it would be to Bora Bora!

  • When asked to describe herself in three words, she replied, “Best. At. Everything.”

  • Hailey was named after Halley’s comet, she will be 76 when it comes back.

  • Her favorite season is the fall!

  • Hailey’s favorite restaurant in Richmond is Sedona Taphouse.

  • Hailey describes herself in three words, “Loving, Compassionate, Truthful”

  • Hailey won LIS player of the year in High School for softball!

  • If she inherited a large sum of money, she would buy her parents a farm and a lake house.

  • Mekelle does not watch the same movie twice.

  • Her dream vacation destination is the Maldives.

  • If Mekelle could eat only one food for a week it would Mac & Cheese.

  • Her first music concert was Jay Z.

  • Mekelle’s favorite cereal is Pops with orange juice instead of milk.

  • The fashion trend Mekelle hopes never comes back is tape on eye glitter.

  • The meaning of the name Tammy is perfection.

  • Her favorite movie is Wizard of Oz!

  • If stranded on a deserted island, Tammy would like bug spray, a toothbrush and a bed.

  • Tammy’s dream vacation would be to Israel.

  • Her first job was in orthodontics.

  • If Tammy could be a Super Hero, she would be Flash so she could get her work done quickly and eat as much as she wanted.

  • Katie’s favorite movie is the Harry Potter series.

  • If stranded on a deserted island, Katie would need a boat, a cell phone and snacks.

  • Her favorite restaurant in Richmond is The Daily in Carytown.

  • Katie loves all flavors of ice cream.

  • She loves ALL animals.

  • Katie loves Chocolate or Strawberry cake on her birthday.

  • Jillian’s favorite sports team is the Eagles!

  • Her favorite ice cream flavor is Pistachio.

  • Jillian collects salt and pepper shakers.

  • Her first concert was Elton John.

  • Her favorite food is tacos.

  • Jillian’s favorite season is fall because of the colors, the smells and pumpkin spice everything!

  • Sarann’s favorite movie is Dodgeball!

  • Her dream vacation destination would be Thailand.

  • Her favorite family traditions include a Cambodian New Year with lots of food.

  • Her first music concert was Josh Turner.

  • Sarann would be Charlie in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

  • Her favorite Disney movie is Finding Nemo!